Artistic Approach

Eric Sévigny’s work is created out of a need to enliven and awaken the viewer’s senses. Beginning artistically with drawing, he prefers art that is figurative and fantastical, wherein his subjects are treated with precision and an attention to detail that demands time and a certain distance as the work slowly comes to life. In keeping with his past work experience in the fields of illustration and licensed product development, visual impact and clarity of the transmitted message prove to be his watchwords.

His paintings distinguish themselves through the prevalence of primary colors. The use of these vibrant colors is the result of his experiences working with children's books, and is a clear choice for the artist, given their radiant effect. Black and white play an equally important role in his universe, as he quests continually to use contrast and the play of light to spectacular effect.

With the soul of a traveller, the artist is particularly fond of acrylic, a medium that allows him to paint according to his inspirations, wherever the road may lead him. Similarly, his attraction to large formats is intended as an ode to art he hopes will dominate any room one enters. 


If the artist’s artistic inspirations and influences are marked first and foremost by the world of comic books and graphic novels, as with «Thorgal» by Rosinski, as well as by Loisel, Bilal, and McFarlane, it is the works of Tim Sale, Simon Bisley, Frank Miller, Frank Cho and Frank Frazetta (the great master of Fantasy Art) that calls him further towards feminine characters of the mythic and erotic type. In terms of painters, the artist is drawn most notably to the influences of Vettriano and Toulouse-Lautrec, due in large part to the sexy and glamorous scenes present in their work. Furthermore, through his travels to Prague he has discovered and been inspired by new artists such as Saudek, famous for his denouncing of taboos, and by Mucha for the elegance and refinement emanating from his work.   

Eric Sévigny paints with his heart, his soul, and with ardour, in a style that is at once both striking and captivating. This is reflected in his themes, all in a unique style that hearkens back to the colourful and stereotypical universe of graphic novels and comic books. He depicts strong emotions linked to the passions of love, and at other times feminine characters evoking sensuality, eroticism, extravagance and cheeky villainy. In yet other moments, his paintings plunge us into the world of our childhood superheroes, totem animals, and so much more.  

Ultimately, it’s with a spirit of openness to the world that the artist continues to develop his art and to learn new techniques. His confidence grows to the rhythm of his creation, each painting part of a learning process. His curiosity and his desire to deepen his art remain at the heart of his projects. He intends also to harness other techniques and mediums in the years to come through new themes in order to express ever more that which resonates with him. His paintings to date are but the preamble to the long career of a talented painter.