About Me

Eric Sevigny is born in 1975, suburb of Montreal, in a small city where he learns about life by being socially active playing many sports and giving of his time doing volunteer work for different organizations. At the dawn of adolescence, Sevigny found a real passion for drawing by discovering the world of comic books. In order to broaden his horizons and solidify his knowledge, he enrolled in Visual Arts in College, (it was at this precise moment that he fell in love with painting) and switched to a Private school in Advertising Design. This knowledge brings him to get a lot of Freelance works who eventually opened him the doors in Animation. His professionalism allows him to quickly gain the confidence of his bosses, colleagues and clients to assume the artistic direction of various projects. At this point he became one of the main illustrators of Caillou, an emblematic character for children, thanks to which Sevigny has been internationally recognized, with more than 150 illustrated books distributed in around fifty countries, and translated into 20 languages. In 2005, as moving to Prague,Czech Republic, Sevigny start to put more and more energy to his paintings to pursue one of his goal to paint full time, where he achieved it a decade later. Since 2016, he dedicate himself to be a full time painting artist.  
His subjects goes from women to animals and landscapes until life brings his 2 passion together : Art and Sports. Playing hockey since forever, the opportunity to join both passions brings his work to a second level.  His international contacts in hockey and by traveling in many countries, his hard work and his appearance in few Sports Cards and Memorabilia Show attracts the eye of many sports enthusiast, customers, business people and professional players.

Stay close to follow the artist’s evolution in his colorful and dynamic universe.