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Bats Naslund

Dernière mise à jour : 14 déc. 2023

On a special game night, where the Canadiens faced the Coyotes in Phoenix; my friend Steve/ Sirwin Canada decides to dress up as a mix of his 2 favorite idols: Batman and Mats Naslund.

Canvas of Batman and Mats Naslund created by the artist Eric Sevigny.

It was featured on the JumboTron and the reaction from people was amazing. At this time, Bats Naslund was created

Costume that is a blend of Batman and Mats Naslund.

In memory of this great moment, Steve asked me to create a painting of Bats Naslund flying over the Bell Center in Montreal and the old Forum. And to add even more magic, with the help of Henri Boguslavski from JLB Sport Rarities we even had the chance to have the painting autographed by little Viking Mats Naslund. Thank you Henri!!

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