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New collaboration on my Blog. Welcome David!

Dernière mise à jour : 13 déc. 2023

In order to keep you informed of what is happening in the World of Sports and especially what is happening in my journey as a Sports Painting Artist, I have found a passionate writer who will entertain you on a regular basis. Sign up at the bottom of the page to be notified of new posts.

Welcome to the Team David =)

I now leave to David the pleasure of introducing himself:

Almost hidden in the high mountains of Sawyerville, a small village in Quebec, Canada, i'm writing. In fact, everywhere I stand, there's a good chance I must be writing something. Writing has always been a burning passion for me. Just in order to show you how much I enjoy doing it, I've written my first poem at the age of 10 and it was about... my geranium. Which I had baptized General, Since then I have never stopped. Nowadays, when I do, it might be about one of my passions, either hockey or my wife... The order in which the examples are told doesn't mean anything. I just wanted to make it clear from the start. Today, two decades and a few dusts later, since my ode to my green plant, I am still writing. At the age of 35, added to my job of a gas station's manager and combined with my role of being a superdad for three energetic children, I'm a columnist for the company H&L Media where I'm writing everyday about the news. Because i'm one passionate guy, I'm also writing for an Internet website called Hockey Herald where I only write about hockey. ... You know, the sport that I like less than my wifey... It was when I was writing a chronic, for the Hockey Herald, about the omnipresence of art in the world of hockey that my road has crossed Eric Sevigny's one. In my text, I've talked about him and his work because I was already a fan of what he was doing. (French Only)

Because I'm a positive guy, I think that, regardless of who you are talking to, when you have something kind to say, just say it. I bet that, if you do, you will both feel better. You know, I've sent him my work by his professional Facebook page, but I wasn't expecting anything because I knew he was busy with a lot of artworks going on. You know what happened next? He wrote me back. Since that day, we stay in touch and that's what's bringing me here, today. Eric asked me to write about his work, his journey, the stories behind his paintings so you'll be able to look at his masterpieces with a whole new look. Are you ready to join me in this literary trip that sure will be full of colors? Yes? Come on in and let's get going!

- David Leboeuf

David Leboeuf and his entourage

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