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Superbowl LVII: Will the Eagles keep flying to the top?

Dernière mise à jour : 13 déc. 2023


Finally, here we are.

After a grueling football season which began on September 8th and after an exciting playoffs which were launched with the presentation of the Wild Card phase on January 14th. We are finally there. It is time.

It's Super Bowl time.

In the end, everything that happened in the last season happened in hopes of getting to this moment. The end of the season was marked by the game that nearly cost the life of the Buffalo Bills's player Damar Hamlin. The playoffs were tainted by the real retirement of the great Tom Brady.

Unfortunately, at this point, nothing else matters.

As it is a ruthless sport, big names have had their load of injuries. This is particularly the case of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes who, for all intents and purposes, managed to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals on one leg.


Despite the genius of the Chiefs's leader, their opponents are not to be taken lightly either:

the Philadelphia Eagles.

Two weeks ago, they responded in the best possible way to the affront of the San Francisco 49ers who committed the contempt of decorating the statue in tribute to Rocky Balboa, a prominent figure in the city of Pennsylvania. It was enough to light up the mesh. The Eagles seemed to have wings and they flew over the game leaving only crumbs for their opponents.

They therefore arrive at the grand final which will be played at State Farms Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, the home of the Cardinals, pumped up. That's good, because the Chiefs will be ready too. What's amazing is that no matter who wins the match, when two great teams meet in such an important game, the fans always win.

... And Miss Donna Kelce too, because she will have a son evolving in both formations, whether Travis Kelce or Jason Kelce, she is certain that one of her children will win the precious trophy. But which one?

You, what is your prediction?

- David Leboeuf

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