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Michael Jordan and LeBron James: Legends, Even Without the Looney Tunes

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I invite you on a journey. Where? To Nowhere. We are not going to a specific place, but to a specific time. As the book of basketball history has been rewritten with the exploits of LeBron James, I find it fitting to take you back to the days when people saw it with their own eyes...

Not only through the eyes of Phil Knight, the founder of the Nike brand, who stands alone through a tide of cameras and cell phones aimed at the history that is being written.

Phil Knight Founder of Nike stands alone for Lebron James

This image will certainly go down in history: a man who contemplates the show with his own gaze through thousands of cellphones that replace the eyes of their owners. At the same time, how can you blame the spectators who only wanted to keep a memory of this moment – which we will talk about for a long time to come – when LeBron James became the leading scorer in the history of professional basketball. His track record is astounding: 38,390 points scored in 20 seasons, and his four championship titles,10 conference championship titles, MVP titles, two Olympic gold medals, and dozens of other accolades. Whatever the world says, even if the negative always comes out more easily than the positive, this athlete is a legend. We must recognize his genius and his immense talent. At 37 years old last year, he averaged 30.3 points per game, his second-best career average after that of the 2005-2006 season. Although I'm not a fan of comparisons to the legends of yesterday, it is reminiscent of the illustrious career of the great Michael Jordan. And I'm not even hinting at the presence of the two greats of history inside the films of the Space Jam franchise. Air Jordan, meanwhile, played fifteen seasons in which he collected six NBA championship titles, 12 conference championship titles, 11 MVP titles, 3 Olympic gold medals, and 14 games stars – in 15 seasons! As for the famous number 23, he ranks fifth among all-time scorers with 32,292 points.

Canvas of a basketball player made by the artist Eric Sevigny

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have both redefined what is possible for a single player. Both know how to create magic and memories every time they touch the ball. Both inspire and naturally take an entire team to the top. Both are such magnets for success. The two, despite legendary talent, never agreed to work less. The two have always worked harder than the rest of the world, same if they had the talent for being able to take a game off every once in a while... But No.

Because that's not what legends do. Only exceptional players like Lebron James and Michael Jordan will stand the test of time – two of the brightest stars the world will ever see. - David Leboeuf

Photo of basketball player Lebron James

Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein /NBAE via Getty Images

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