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About me

Eric Sevigny is born in 1975, suburb of Montreal, in a small city where he learns about life by being socially active playing many sports and giving of his time doing volunteer work for different organizations. At the dawn of adolescence, Sevigny found a real passion for drawing by discovering the world of comic books. In order to broaden his horizons and solidify his knowledge, he enrolled in Visual Arts in College, (it was at this precise moment that he fell in love with painting) and switched to a Private school in Advertising Design. This knowledge brings him to get a lot of Freelance works who eventually opened him the doors in Animation. His professionalism allows him to quickly gain the confidence of his bosses, colleagues and clients to assume the artistic direction of various projects. At this point he became one of the main illustrators of Caillou, an emblematic character for children, thanks to which Sevigny has been internationally recognized, with more than 150 illustrated books distributed in around fifty countries, and translated into 20 languages. In 2005, as moving to Prague,Czech Republic, Sevigny start to put more and more energy to his paintings to pursue one of his goal to paint full time, where he achieved it a decade later. Since 2016, he dedicate himself to be a full time painting artist.  
His subjects goes from women to animals and landscapes until life brings his 2 passion together : Art and Sports. Playing hockey since forever, the opportunity to join both passions brings his work to a second level.  His international contacts in hockey and by traveling in many countries, his hard work and his appearance in few Sports Cards and Memorabilia Show attracts the eye of many sports enthusiast, customers, business people and professional players.

Stay close to follow the artist’s evolution in his colorful and dynamic universe.

Artistic Approach

It’s all started with a box of Comic book; the colors, the action, the dynamic poses of the heroes and villains. I’ve got a crush, I had to start drawing. Since then, I knew what I was going to do with my life…

Eric Sevigny’s work is created out of a need to enliven and awaken the viewer’s senses. Beginning artistically with drawing, he prefers art that is figurative and fantastical. In keeping with his past work experience in the fields of illustration and licensed product development, visual impact and clarity of the transmitted message prove to be his watchwords.

His paintings distinguish themselves through the prevalence of primary colors. The use of these vibrant colors is the result of his experiences working with children's books, and is a clear choice for the artist, given their radiant effect. Black and white play an equally important role in his universe, as he quests continually to use contrast and the play of light to spectacular effect.

With the soul of a traveller, the artist is particularly fond of acrylic, a medium that allows him to paint according to his inspirations, wherever the road may lead him. Similarly, his attraction to large formats is intended as an ode to art he hopes will dominate any room one enters. 

If the artist’s artistic inspirations and influences are marked first and foremost by the world of comic books and graphic novels, as with «Thorgal» by Rosinski, as well as by Loisel, Bilal, and McFarlane, it is the works of Tim Sale, Frank Miller, Frank Cho and Frank Frazetta (the great master of Fantasy Art) that calls him further towards feminine characters of the mythic and erotic type. The Japanese Manga’s also are a big influence by how they represent the movement and the dynamics With his background and his influences, you can feel the semi-realistic in his drawing and paintings.


 In terms of painters, the artist is drawn most notably to the influences of Vettriano and Toulouse-Lautrec, due in large part to the sexy and glamorous scenes present in their work.

The impressive matte painting used in cinema is also a big influences by the dramatic and fantasy/magical

The surge of painting women was the sparks to motivate Sevigny to bring himself to paint full time; animals and landscapes followed, thereafter life brings his 2 passions together and sports took all the focus. Playing hockey since a little boy and playing many other sports, painting sports was inevitable.

Sevigny’s process at the moment is to bring the focus in the action, to feel the movement through the painting, to accentuate the dynamic by the colors and the brush strokes.
The ultimate goal is to have this 'WOW' effect when you enter a room where his painting is. Giving power to the subject so you get hypnotized by it and your eyes cannot stray from the painting.
Planning to work more and more on big format and bring the glamorous feel using gold ,silver, dimaonds on a

Sevigny is looking forward to work nearest with the professional and olympics players and athletes, as well as the organisations of the biggest leagues on the planet as the NHL, NFL, NBA, KHL, FIFA, IOC, etc

Make Sure you stay close to follow the artist’s evolution in his colorful and dynamic universe.

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